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User Training Courses

Every year, the DISIT Library holds a series of meetings aimed at everyone, but especially at freshers, to make the library and its services known.

The purpose of the meetings is to allow the user to independently and completely conduct the search for books and material for study and research, the papers and theses and to retrieve the documents identified.

The goals of the meetings consist in helping library users learn the following skills, through appropriate training:

  • search in the electronic catalogue (OPAC) BiblioUPO
  • identification of documents and their location;
  • recovery of documents available in the library;
  • recovery of documents present in other libraries of the Piedmontese universities and / or other Universities through interlibrary loan and article supply services.

The meetings are held every Tuesday at 3 P.M. and Friday at 10 A.M. in the library; they last 20 minutes and no booking is necessary.

If you need  more information, send an email to 

Students can use UPOrisponde


Last modified 28 September 2023