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About us

Welcome to our department!
The Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (DISIT) is one of the seven departments that constitute the Università del Piemonte Orientale.
The department is located in Alessandria and Vercelli and offers the following courses:

  • at Alessandria, the 3-year Bachelor’s degree programmes in Chemistry, IT and Biological Sciences, the Master’s degree programme in Biology, IT and Chemical Sciences, and the research PhD in Chemistry and Biology
  • at Vercelli, courses in IT, Biological Sciences and Chemistry and Materials Science

There is also strong research activity at DISIT (both foundational and applied) in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, IT, mathematics and some interdisciplinary fields such as environmental sciences.

This activity is the result of experience gathered in the Departments of Computer Science (DI), Environmental and Life Sciences (DISAV) and Advanced Technologies and Science (DISTA), as well as the Faculty of Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences

Key features

You will be the protagonist in your own education

  • An excellent student/teacher ratio means you can receive more attention from teachers.
  • The tutor system helps you make informed and responsible choices
  • We offer high-quality education, the result of experienced teaching flanked by strong research activity from our teachers and researchers

You will study in modern premises that are easy to reach…

  • all courses and research activity take place in new buildings such as the campus in viale Teresa Michel 11 in Alessandria and the S. Giuseppe hub in piazza Sant’Eusebio 5 in Vercelli. They are easily reached on foot, by train or by bus.

…and well-equipped  

  • You will have access to equipped classrooms with the best technological systems, language and IT labs, audiovisual laboratories and labs for processing of texts and images, and research centres and laboratories
  • You can study in a library with over 10,000 books, 8,500 e-journal subscriptions and a reading room with 100 seats.

You can complete your degree earlier

  • Half of all students enrolled on a 3-year degree course at Piemonte Orientale graduate earlier than the standard time (the national average is 35%)
  • 72% of all students enrolled on a Master’s degree graduates according to schedule (the national average is 48%)

(Source: National Register of Students)

You will find a job more easily

  • In 2014, 70% of our Master’s graduates had found a job within one year of leaving university
  • 52.1% of our Bachelor’s graduates had found a job within one year of leaving university

Source: Almalaurea


  • 2,659 students (1,276 in Vercelli) enrolled, as of 21/01/2019 (academic year 2018-2019)
  • 49 tenured teachers (full and associate)
  • 33 researchers
  • 75 young researchers (PhD candidates and post-doc students)
  • 45 technicians
  • 4 Bachelor’s degrees (3-year)
  • 4 Master’s degrees
  • 1 PhD programme
  • 8 Erasmus agreements
  • 1,191 fresher students (586 in Alessandria and 605 in Vercelli, as of 21/01/2019 (academic year 2018-2019)
  • Over 200 published research works a year
  • Around € 7.5 million in funding 2015-2018
  • Almost 3,000 graduates since 2000 (over 1,700 born in Alessandria and its province
  • 7 spin-off companies
  • 2,100 square metres of classroom space
  • 4,500 square metres of laboratory space
  • 13,572 books or published works in the library (as of 31.12.2018)
  • 8,700 e-journal subscriptions.

Activity Report

Among the attachments, you can find the annual reports on Research, Teaching and Third Mission activity in the Department.

The reports – discussed and approved in extraordinary sessions of the Departmental Council – are available for reference to all non-teaching staff and students, and also contain information on the monitoring of variations in staff and number of students per course.


Report attività 2018
Documento PDF - 15.4 MB
Report attività 2017
Documento PDF - 6.52 MB
Report attività 2016
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