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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) of a university is the system by which governing bodies carry out their policies for quality. This includes the actions of planning, implementation and monitoring necessary for the University activity to fulfil standards compliance.

The responsibility of guaranteeing quality standards lies with the Rector for the University, with the Manager for the Department and with the Chair for the Course of Study.

Two Quality Assurance systems are in place: one for Education/Training and one for Research and the Third Mission.


In the attachments section, you can find the deadlines for completing the SUA-CdS Databanks.


Representative organisations of production of goods and services, of professions 

The consultation of representative organisations for production of goods and services, of professions is an activity required in the planning stage of a Course of Study and in the stage of periodical review.

The results of the consultation and representation of the organisations consulted, firstly included in the Reports of re-appraisal, are now included in the Table of annual monitoring and in the annual Report of the Teachers-Students Joint Committee.

Periodic consultation with the representative organisations of suppliers of goods and services, of the professions, allows the Course management to monitor the suitability of the graduate profile as compared with expectations from the worlds of manufacturing, services and civil society.


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20-21 Scadenze MIUR - bis
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20-21 Scadenze MIUR
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20-21 Scadenze Ateneo - ter
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20-21 Scadenze Ateneo - bis
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20-21 Scadenze Ateneo
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19-20 Scadenze MIUR
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19-20 Scadenze Ateneo
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18-19 Scadenze MIUR
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18-19 Scadenze Ateneo
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Verbale 27.02.2019
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Verbale 28.02.2019
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Verbale 5.02.2018
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Verbale 6.02.2018
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Verbale 4.04.2017
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Verbale 6.04.2017
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Verbale 8.06.2016
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Verbale 9.06.2016
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Verbale 23.02.2015
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Verbale 18.12.2015
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