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University Library System

The University Library System (ULS) was introduced to coordinate, rationalise and develop the Libraries’ activity; to grow, conserve and nourish the book and documentary heritage of the University, allowing efficient and effective use.

It experiments and adopts all the most advanced technological and organisational opportunities in the field to facilitate access to library services and resources.

These are its main roles:

  • Development of projects to improve and develop services for users
  • Acquisition and management of e-resources for shared use between all the Libraries
  • Gathering and processing of statistical data related to the Libraries and services for users, and the use of e-resources
  • Communication and promotion of services and activities, using paper and online tools
  • Introduction of initiatives for diffusion throughout the University of the principles of Open Access to academic literature
  • Management of relationships with Library Systems from other universities and external bodies
  • organisation of training and refresher courses for library personnel

Contact details:  ULS office

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