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Quality Manager of Training for the Department (RQDF)

The Quality Manager of the Training Department (RQDF) is Professor Mauro Ravera.

The RQDF ensures the connection between the University Quality Department (PQA) and peripheral structures (Department, Degree Programmes, Teacher Student Joint Committee) and provides support, advice and supervision in the field of teaching.

He/she carries out tasks of:

  • monitoring of the teaching activities of the degree programmes with particular attention to assisting freshers
  • tutoring and actions aimed at solving problems raised by students
  • consultancy and support to the Course Council for the drafting of the single annual program of study courses (SUA-CdS), the Annual Review Report (RAR) and the Cyclical Review Report (RCR)
  • consultancy and support to the Teaching-Student Joint Commissions (CPDS) for the drafting of the annual report
  • consultancy and support for educational organisation (e.g. replacement/substitution of teachers, distribution of teaching load)
  • QA training activities for Department staff.

Last modified 8 July 2022